Trending right now!!!! ……… But what about later?? Avoiding the pitfalls of following trends in your home.

The problem with trends are……………………………..


I am always a little cautious when it comes to trends and interiors.
I know that they exist, and like fashion, restaurants and hairstyles, this seasons trend soon becomes last season fad.

When browsing Instagram and the web, all I seemed to see was lots of copper, rose gold, marble, monochromatic colours schemes, palm fronds and ………… pineapples???

Once these trends have passed, what will happen to those forlorn, abandoned pineapples and rose gold trays, bowls and everything else??? Your loss is the charity store’s gain!!

Rose Gold everything!!!

As a decorator / designer it is important to be aware of what is considered on trend. However I think this can often put pressure on people to incorporate these trends into their homes, regardless of whether they actually love them or not.
A designer is hired to help a client interpret their likes and style, armed with this brief the designer will put together a design that is representative of the client’s personality and tastes.

And that’s the important bit!

We have all been there!!

Let me tell you about an experience I had.

When we started to looking at redesigning our kitchen we called out a couple of kitchen designers to help with the layout and to get quotes. We had this one guy come out and let’s just say he did not get the gig!!

We told him about some of our ideas and the style we were after. He immediately said “I don’t think that is the right choice for this apartment, taking into account the location and the future potential buyers I think you should go for this style, it’s whats popular right now and what people moving to this area are looking for”.

My response was “Well that’s fine but it’s not my taste and not what I am looking for”.

He tried to argue the case about when we come to resell and what buyers will want and so on and so on.

But the point was and what he could not accept, was that this was our home. We weren’t designing to suit a future owner, we were designing for us. We were the people living and using the space. It had to work with our tastes, style and needs.

This was some years back, guess what, we are still living in the same apartment with the kitchen we wanted, with no intention of selling anytime soon.

Whether your taste / style runs to tribal, french provincial, mid-century, minimalist or country, It does not matter. It does not matter that you don’t like the latest interior trends and that rose gold everything is not your thing.

The point is a home is a reflection of the people who live in it, it should not look exactly like everyone else’s home!!!
Aside from that, there is the cost of home design and decorating. So it needs to be something you like and will want to live with, as fixing bad choices can be expensive.

Instead of always following the latest design trend, decorate with timeless pieces you love”
Sarah Gunn, Interior Designer

Dining Room by Emily Henderson
Curated and stylish dining Room by Emily Henderson Image taken from

So feel free to step away form the ‘trends’ and go your own way. I feel a home should be curated, it should evolve overtime. The things you have in it should be reminders of past experiences, they should evoke memories and good vibes.
This is hard to achieve and maintain when using only ‘on trend’ items, that you don’t really have any connection too except everybody else has it.

So next time you are in a store, think carefully about a purchase before you commit. Do you really love and need it?? Will it fill a long term position in your home?? Or is a impulsive buy because a brunch of magazines and website have convinced you it’s a ‘Must Have!!!!’

If the answer is no to these, then put it back and think of the dollars you have just saved.