Naughty or Nice??? My Christmas Wish List for Home

And here we are again, slap bang in the middle of that crazy holiday season that is Christmas. It just keeps on sneaking up sooner and sooner, but that may have more to do with some of the big stores putting out their Christmas decorations in September, yes you read right, September.

K-mart and Target I am pointing my finger at you!!!

Now I consider myself to have been a very good girl this year, there isn’t any conceivable reason why a visit from Santa isn’t on the cards.

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Workspace goodies, work stylish!!

As you may have read, we recently purchased a amazing vintage Ladderax shelving system for our home office / study (Check it out here).


Which got me looking a bits and bobs to add to my shelving to make it both functional and amazing. Now I have been devoting a huge (and I mean huge!!) amount of time to browsing the stores looking for just the right things, both new and vintage.

Check out my picks below……………………

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Best Shop Finds – Tigmi Trading

Image source: Tigmi Trading

So for this post I wanted to share with you a shop that I really love. It’s called Tigmi Trading and it’s based up in the Byron Bay area in New South Wales.

It sources some amazing pieces from Morocco and Turkey. Products include beautiful rugs and textural cushions, wedding blankets, towels and some fantastic bean bags.

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Spring is here!!!!


I’m back. I know it’s been a little while since my last post.

We have been having a little spring clean. Hey it is Spring now, well at least here in Sydney!!!

The Fella is a bit of a messy little so and so. When the wardrobe door won’t slide because of bent up flip flops, letters and a bike puncture repair kit (god knows where the bike is being stashed!!!) a girl has to put her foot down and get him to tidy up some of his belongings.

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