Wallpaper – I’ve got you covered.

Wallpaper picks


When I was growing up in England, wallpaper was the norm. We had it in every room in our house.
In the bedroom I shared with my sister, we had the popular (at the time anyway) embossed type which you could then paint your choice of colour. Being girls we had it pink, obviously!!!!
In our living room we have the chipped type, so it had little chips of wood embossed into it, again so you could just paint it your choice of colour. My sister and I used to like to pick the bits of wood out.

Why? You may ask.

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Best Shop Finds – Tigmi Trading

Image source: Tigmi Trading

So for this post I wanted to share with you a shop that I really love. It’s called Tigmi Trading and it’s based up in the Byron Bay area in New South Wales.

It sources some amazing pieces from Morocco and Turkey. Products include beautiful rugs and textural cushions, wedding blankets, towels and some fantastic bean bags.

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The Japanese Art of Shibori

Image Source: Alex Fulton Design

I have a real design crush at the moment on Shibori. What is Shibori?? I hear you asked.

Shibori is the centuries old Japanese art of resist fabric dying. By tying, stitching, folding and twisting the fabric (usually cottons, silks and hemp), and dipping into dye, various planned out patterns are created. The choice of technique was dependant on the type of fabric and the pattern to be achieved.

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