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Image source: Design Sponge

I have been seeing these fabric buckets for sale everywhere, some requiring serious amounts of hard cash to buy.

So if you are a bit handy making your own might be the way to go.

And if you have spare or a particular favourite piece of fabric you could up-cycle, all the better 😉

Perfect for disguising a unsightly plant pot, holding craft supplies, make-up brushes, pens and all manner of bits and bobs.

Full details below, let me know how you go!!

Source: DIY Fabric Buckets | Design*Sponge


Concept Boards, why you need one for your next project.

Concept boards - why you need one for your next project!!


Just what is a Concept Board, I hear you cry!!

When a designer meets with a client for the first time, this time is spent gathering information. The designer will have a list of questions, which they will put to the client to establish the basis of the design and what the client wants from the space. With this information the designer will then begin to put together a concept.

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DIY clay feathers by Kelli Murray

I love these feathers, it is such a simple idea.

They are so versatile, you could group them as a mobile, hang singly or use them to decorate a place setting.

Another idea would be to make them smaller and turn them into earrings or add to a necklace.

And of course you can use any colour you like, but the gold does look amazing.

Full details on how to make below in link.

Source: DIY clay feathers by Kelli Murray | DIY Wedding | 100 Layer Cake