Workspace goodies, work stylish!!

As you may have read, we recently purchased a amazing vintage Ladderax shelving system for our home office / study (Check it out here).


Which got me looking a bits and bobs to add to my shelving to make it both functional and amazing. Now I have been devoting a huge (and I mean huge!!) amount of time to browsing the stores looking for just the right things, both new and vintage.

Check out my picks below……………………

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Study Organisation – The Before and After

Study Organisation - The Before and After

Just as one project draws to a close and so another one starts.

Our master bedroom makeover is nearly at an end and so my focus has now shifted to our study / guest room.

As mentioned in my previous post about sofa beds (click here to get up to speed) this space needs to be multi-functional, it needs to function as a study, a guest bedroom and a second sitting room.

Once thing it was lacking was storage space.

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Sofa Beds, don’t lose sleep over it!!! – My Top 10.

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Our home is a two bedroom apartment. When we first moved in we would always refer to the second bedroom as the spare room, as if it has it had no real function. One thing I was really dead set against was it becoming a forgotten storage area.

Which was not the case at all. It actually needed to have many functions.

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