A bedroom chair bargain


So I know it’s been a while since my last update (click here to catch up), on my master bedroom revamp. Things moved along nicely and then we hit a wall (a freshly painted one LOL!!!!)
The main issue is the window dressings, but that’s a whole other episode. I’ll save that for later, I am not ready to talk about it yet.

On the positive side, we did snap up a bargain, albeit in the need of a little TLC, but what the heck!!!!

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Sofa Beds, don’t lose sleep over it!!! – My Top 10.

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Our home is a two bedroom apartment. When we first moved in we would always refer to the second bedroom as the spare room, as if it has it had no real function. One thing I was really dead set against was it becoming a forgotten storage area.

Which was not the case at all. It actually needed to have many functions.

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