Bar Cart Styling – Kitting it Out for Cocktail Hour.

A couple of weeks back, I posted about our visit to the distillery Archie Rose, read about it here.

It got me thinking about my bar at home. Now we were the lucky recipients of a Parker drinks trolley, all thanks to the brilliant Tony, a passionate mid century furniture restorer. We bought an amazing Parker dining table and chairs from him, see it in my post here, and he was kind enough to chuck in the drinks trolley for free.

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Etsy Picks – Bold as brass


So I have been spending time looking through Etsy’s products. (Sigh!! the things I do for you guys. ;-))

Today I have been focusing on ‘Brass’. It is really popular right now, and why not? It can add a real feeling of quality and class, even when used in a small amount.
And that small amount can be added in the form of picture frames, candle holders, light fittings, figurines and many other ways.

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Pantone Predictions – The 2016 Color Forecast

When it comes to colour, all eyes (brown, blue, green and every other colour) turns to the most recognised institute around, Pantone.
Whether it is for fashion, branding, interiors or anything else colour plays a part in, then Pantone has the final say.

At the end of every year, Pantone announces what they determine will be the ‘Colour of the year’ for the following year.

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Why Pinterest is a must when designing your home.

WHY PINTEREST IS A MUST WHEN DESIGNING YOUR HOMEWhen it come to social media, I have to admit I am always a little behind the eight ball.

I resisted Facebook for a long time. Friends bemoaning other friends for posting uninteresting daily updates, like what was for dinner and what time the children went to bed, didn’t exactly sell it to me.  In the end I gave in and signed up. Then like a lot of people, became obsessed with checking it, spending hours liking other people’s post and checking who was liking mine. In the end I just had to put a stop to it and I closed the account and haven’t looked back.  Continue reading “Why Pinterest is a must when designing your home.”