Overseas Homewares, My Top 5 Online Shops

Now I am not sure if you’ve worked it out yet, buy I am a complete and utter shopping nut. None more so then when it is for homewares.

The Citizenry

I love some of the products available here in Australia, but find the same products find their way into all shops, meaning finding something a little bit different can be a challenge. That is why I turn a lot to Etsy.

But what about overseas stores?

We have been lucky in the last few years to have had some international homewares stores open their doors here, including West Elm, H&M and Zara Home. But while we wait for more to come, thank god for the internet!!!!

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Making an Entrance!! Hallway styling.

Pinterest Blank-17
Image source: Amber Interior Designs

Once through your front door, the hallway / entryway is one of the first rooms in your home a visitor will see.
And you know the old adage “First impressions count”. We all want a home that is welcoming, a place where our guests love to visit, where they feel relaxed.

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