Wallpaper – I’ve got you covered.

Wallpaper picks


When I was growing up in England, wallpaper was the norm. We had it in every room in our house.
In the bedroom I shared with my sister, we had the popular (at the time anyway) embossed type which you could then paint your choice of colour. Being girls we had it pink, obviously!!!!
In our living room we have the chipped type, so it had little chips of wood embossed into it, again so you could just paint it your choice of colour. My sister and I used to like to pick the bits of wood out.

Why? You may ask.

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Modern Morocco

Image source: Studded Hearts

There are many ways to get inspiration for an interior. It can come from a favourite piece of art or a vase, a particular era or even another interior, like a hotel or palace.

But for me travel is one of the best places for inspiration. Whether you are recapturing a favourite holiday or creating the look of a place you may never visit (travel is not always cheap) travel provides a rich sourcebook for a designer.

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