Hi Ya!!

Welcome to my little old humble blog.

Firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Cheryl Singleton.

Nice to meet you!! (Hand Shake)

I am a born and bred East Londoner, who now resides in sunny Sydney, Australia. I live with ‘The Fella’ and two furry rascally felines; Charlie and Sadie. My loves (apart from the three above) include, in no particular order; reading, music tea, travel, cocktails and shopping (of course).

After more then twenty years in investment banking, I decide to go back to  college to study for a diploma in Interior Design and Decoration. With that under my belt it’s time to put what I learnt into action.

The idea of this blog is to arm you with as much useful information as possible to help you achieve your perfect space, whether that be through colour, style or purchases.
I am an avid supporter of using vintage and preloved items in your home along with new modern pieces to create unique homes hat are as individual as the people who live in them.

To that end I am not into following trends or interior fads. It’s your home and it should reflect the people who live there.

I hope my blog will help with some of the decisions, provide some inspiration and make you smile a bit along the way.
Feeling no pressure now to be insightful and knowledgable, whilst entertaining.

Thanks for checking in, see ya soon.






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