Pep Talk – Come On We’ve Got This!!

When creating your perfect home, it can seem like the list of tasks and jobs to get there, can seem never ending.

At times it can feel like you are never going to reach the finishing line. If you are like me, you can lose focus and get sidetracked trying to wrong on too many spaces at one time.

I know, as I have had those times when I have smashed through a list of chores and jobs at home. Thinking okay, what’s next, let’s just get it done and then I can sit back and relax and enjoy what I have made.

And then……..

I look around and it does not matter how many jobs I knock off the list, there will five more to replace it and then, sigh!!!! deflated. 😦
And then I lose steam and momentum and well completely lose interest, for a bit anyway.

This is where websites like Pinterest and Houzz can be a blessing or a curse. When I need a little kick starter to get my second wind to tackle another space, Pinterest especially, can be all the inspiration I need. Yet at other times it can be a nagging reminder of the fact my home if not Pinterest ready.

But I am here to tell you, that each picture you hang, each room you paint, each cushion you buy and each plant you pot are all adding to the grand plan that is your home.

After all it’s all these little changes and additions that help create a home.
Sometimes you need to stop and take a breather from it. Sit back and look at where you are in your project, because once it is done the satisfaction will be all the greater when you remember what was there before and how much love and time you put into it. Feel the pride.

What I have learned is that it’s okay to stop awhile and sit and enjoy the rooms and spaces that I have created. Sit and a read a book in a cosy corner you put together for that exact purpose, spend some time flicking through a magazine while sipping a coffee at the breakfast bar in the kitchen that you also pictured having. Hell mix yourself a gin and tonic (or whatever) from the bar cart that made you feel so grownup and sophisticated having.

So what if your guest bedroom isn’t quite guest ready and is currently a convenient storage room, so what if your bathroom is more blah than spa. Relax these things can take time and not to mention money, it can also be stressful, so don’t add to that stress be thinking it all has to be done yesterday. As the saying goes Rome was not built in a day.

Live in your home, get a feel for the spaces and how you want to use them. make careful and considered choices, because in the log run it will make the job easier.


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