A Vintage Shopping Spree – Everyone should have one.

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Mid Century Furniture Finds
Mid Century Furniture Finds

Have you ever had that feeling when you have bought something for your home, that didn’t come with an ‘Um and Ar” moment beforehand, but did come with a gut feeling that it was just the right thing to buy, regardless of the cost?

You know that time, when you have got it home and you just can’t help but smile at it because it makes you happy to own it???

Well we have just had 2 weeks of that feeling and not just for one item but a few. It’s been a busy couple of weekends, with lots of dashing around looking at furniture and hiring of vans (with bad gears) to get to this point.  Admittedly our apartment is currently resembling a second hand furniture shop, but it has been worth the effort.

Over the years that we have been together, furnishing places we have lived in, The fella and I have not always seen eye to eye on things. Hey and that’s fine… challenging but fine. But it seems that we are agreed on one thing now and that’s an appreciation for Mid Century furniture and not the contemporary  copies but the original pieces made in the 50’s and 60’s.

After weeks of scanning through eBay and Gumtree, pieces that caught our eye just all seemed to come available all at once, and for those of you who like to buy used original vintage pieces, when something comes up that you like (a lot) you just have to jump to it or someone else will snap it up, leaving you with a sinking feeling inside and the urge to kick yourself for not taking action when you had the chance. It’s can be a mini adrenalin rush!!!

it all started out with a hunt for a sofa for the study, we both really liked the idea of buying a Fler Daybed, but searching gumtree we came across a Parker 3 piece suite in excellent original condition. We had to have it and so began our first weekend of dashing about.

Vintage Parker Lounge Suite – Gumtree Ad

An offer had been made on this set. Lucky for us the owners had not accepted. So we arrange to drive the 1 1/2 hours up to The Blue Mountains in the driving rain to view it. It was owned by a lovely couple (Alick, a real character and Anne) who bought the suite 52 years ago when they first got married. They had really taken care of it, the original upholstery was still in tact and the wood lovingly oiled to maintain the colour. We were not leaving without making it ours. When we went back to collect, Anne told us that someone had been in touch who wanted to rent the set for a photo shoot!! That’s how amazing it looked.

Next stop was to check out a sideboard listed on eBay. So back in the car for another 1 1/2 hour drive to North Manly.

'Fonseca' A Younger sideboard - eBay
‘Fonseca’ A Younger sideboard – eBay

This 1960’s sideboard from the “Fonseca” range was by Scottish designer John Herbert for A Younger Furniture in the UK. It was the colour of the teak and those handles that really caught my attention, I was a bit smitten, I gotta say. The drawers runners needed a little attention inside but other then that the condition was excellent.

Well that took care of most of the Saturday for mad weekend one, Sunday followed pretty much the same pattern. This time we dashed down to Waterfall, one hour south of Sydney to check out a Parker dining table and chairs.

Parker Dining
Parker Extendable Dining Table and Nordic Dining Chairs – eBay

I was a bit worried about the colour of the upholstery, but on arrival we were stunned at how amazing it looked. The colour of the wood glowed with honey and gold tones. The seller, Tony, had a real passion for mid century furniture, buying and restoring pieces to their original glory. Generous with his knowledge and time, a really great guy. He offered to deliver the pieces to us, he chucked in some spare upholstery fabric and a photocopy, of a photocopy of a photocopy (LOL) of a Parker showroom catalogue from 1965 (awesome). But wait, wait wait, there’s more, we got talking about other pieces I had seen in the Parker range, including the Teak drinks trolley. As if by magic he pulls out one from his workshop and says I will let you have it for free!! Free!! I know right. OMG. It needs a bit of oil but I was not going to say no. What a legend!!

So back to Sydney and our last stop, was to check out another sideboard that had caught out attention.

AH McIntosh Sideboard - eBay
AH McIntosh Sideboard – eBay

This Teak sideboard was designed by Alexander Henry McIntosh in Scotland. A simple and sleek design from the mid 1960’s it looked a great piece and was a bit better priced then the Younger from the previous day. But on arrival we notice some damage to one of the legs and i could tell The Fella wasn’t feeling this one as much as the Younger.

Choice made!!

To say that we were excited about our purchases was an understatement. It was gonna be a long, long week until we could get a van pick it all up and get it in and styled. How was I gonna to sleep???

The only issue now is what to do with our old stuff!!

Thank gawd for Gumtree!!

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