Out of Africa – Safari Fusion

Safari Fusion - African Made Homewares Online

I do love finding things that are a little bit different. while scouring the internet for products I find that quite a lot of stores are stocking the same things and I mean same, not even just similar.

So imagine my delight at finding Safari Fusion. Not a bit of rose gold, copper  or marble to be seen. 😉 (not that I am not partial to some of these!!!)

Safari Fusion was started by Kellie Shearwood in 2009 and was inspired by her travels in Africa. She opened her store to promote and celebrate the artistry of this amazing continent.
The range of products includes baskets, small furniture pieces, cushions, Juju Hats and figurines.

I am in lust with the baskets, they are so colourful and will brighten up any dull corner.

Check out my favourite picks from this beautiful online store:

Vintage Cameroon Picture (relaxed lady) by African Made art from Australian on line store Safari Fusion
Vintage Cameroon Picture (relaxed lady)


Swazi Basket (extra large) - African Designed from online store Safari Fusion
Swazi Basket (extra large)


Tribal Cushion (black)- African Designed from online store Safari Fusion
Tribal Cushion (black)


Malawi Basket (small | green) - African designed from online store Safari Infusion
Malawi Basket (small | green)


Bamileke Feather Headdress - African Designed from online store Safari Fusion
Bamileke Feather Headdresses

These are just some of the items available on the website, there many other pieces well worth a look.

P.S check out Safari Fusion on Instagram (safari_fusion) and check out some of the amazing pictures taken of Kellie’s trips to Africa.

So get in touch with your inner lion, rooooaaaarrr!!! and go on safari.


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