Time to Focus on a New Year

Interior Design - New Year To Do List - Cheryl Singleton Interiors


And so here we are again at the start of another year. Where did the last year go???

Like many people I do consider making the clichéd new years resolutions list  but the truth is, rarely are they stuck to and by probably the second week of January they are already forgotten.

Having said that, I do intend to start the year off right, especially after the indulgent Christmas and New year festivities by eating a bit healthier (not that my diet is particularly bad) and maybe citing back on the alcohol consumption.

There is however one area that will be the subject a New Years list and that is my home. I do find there is something very productive about making lists. It focuses the mind in the tacks at hand and kick starts you on the road to ticking things off and getting things done.

And god do I need it. Let’s just say my brain is fickle and easily distracted, a moth could have been one of previous incarnations, stick something new and shiny in front of me and I am off, previous projects and goals (whatever you were) left behind and discarded like last christmas’ wrapping paper.

Now to ensure I stock to the list of goals to complete, it is not going to be long or the danger is nothing will get done, beside which budgets need to be considered. To that end to will only focus on 2 spaces (master bedroom and study), this will hopefully mean these 2 rooms will be completed before I start to look at anywhere else.

First on the list is the master bedroom. This room is so close to being complete. There are just two major projects outstanding and a foot stool to buy and…. boom!!! done!

The windows have been the longest outstanding projects in this space. We know we would have curtains installed (to combat the Winter cold) and roller blinds behind (to block the intense summer sun) but the main sticking point was the fabric.  Now this is sorted, it just a matter of getting the quote and saving up the money.

A little while back I posted about the bedroom chair bargain we picked up (click here to catch up). I got a quote to get it tidied up, but to get the timber polished and the chair upholstered was over $800. That kinda put a spanner in the works. We weren’t sure that it was worth putting that much money into the chair.

Now both The Fella and I like to pursue Gumtree now and again and so was thrilled when we came across this beauty. Again a bargain at just $200 and the wood was in great condition. All it needs is some new skin.

Mid Century Lounge Chair

So we have our fabrics choices ready to go (below) from Warwick Fabrics. All we need now are the funds. But saving up for things is so much easier when you have a goal.


In regards to the footstool, I am weighing up two choices:

First up:

Mid Century Round Bench from West Elm – $199


Second choice:

Tucker Square Ottoman from Freedom
Tucker Square Ottoman from Freedom – $499


And now to the study.

The biggest item for this room is the sofa bed. We have the style pick out (see previous post).

Then some lighting, so I have this coming soon,

Felix Gold Desk Lamp
Felix Gold Desk Lamp from The Renovator Box – $89

I am also on the lookout for a wall sconce for over the sofa to read by. Then all that’s needed for this space is a bit of styling, rearranging of artwork and a little clearing out of excessive baggage, and we are done.

Well that list should take care of the first few months of the new year. Once done it will be time to move onto the next project.


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