Sparkk – Unique Fabric Designs

Sparkk Fabrics
Sparkk Fabrics

One of my favourite elements of interior design and styling is using fabrics, whether it be upholstery, soft furnishings or window dressings, fabrics can add a real point of interest in a space.

I have spent many a happy hour or two looking at fabrics and have a box full of samples in my office.

The range of products available is astounding, so many variations in colour, pattern and texture.  Fabrics can be really important element in a space. Textured fabrics can add interest in a neutral interior, breaking up a flat use of the same colour. A highly patterned or coloured fabric can make an armchair or sofa a star attraction. Using rich fabrics like silk and velvet can add a feeling of opulence.

I am seriously like a kid in candy store at the fabric wholesaler.

One fabric supplier that I have been a fan of for some time now is Sparkk. Based in Sydney, they produce a really amazing range of printed textiles with bold patterns in a huge range of colours.

Being a visual person bold patterns and bright colours are a big attraction to me.

A few years back we bought a Bongo ottoman from King Furniture and the fabric of choice was ‘Peggy’.

King Furniture 'Bongo' Ottoman in 'Peggy' fabric from Sparkk
King Furniture ‘Bongo’ Ottoman in ‘Peggy’ fabric from Sparkk

It’s such a happy, summery fabric.

Aside from their own designs they also collaborate with many other designers like Shibori, Tim Neve and even the Victoria and Albert Museum from my home city.

A few days ago I receive the email newsletter advising of their new Spring/Summer catalogue has gone all digital. Yay!!!

Interested in what’s on offer, then click the link below.

Sparkk Spring / Summer Catalogue 2016

Now I will be honest this post took me a fair amount of time to put together. Now I know what you are thinking…. Why it’s hardly War and Peace in length? Well I kinda got sidetracked looking at all the fabrics dreaming up places I could them.




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