Study Organisation – The Before and After

Study Organisation - The Before and After

Just as one project draws to a close and so another one starts.

Our master bedroom makeover is nearly at an end and so my focus has now shifted to our study / guest room.

As mentioned in my previous post about sofa beds (click here to get up to speed) this space needs to be multi-functional, it needs to function as a study, a guest bedroom and a second sitting room.

Once thing it was lacking was storage space.

However, as occasionally floor space needs to available for us to be able to pull out the sofa bed, investing in lots of storage furniture like drawers and cupboards was not really an option and so to the walls we went.

It surprised me just how little in the way of shelving systems there was on offer here in Australia. If you were opening a shop, hey you were covered but for a home, not so much.
Now we could have gone the easy route and just bought some floating shelves, drill lots of holes in our walls and that would have been that.

But I wanted something a bit more flexible and interesting.

Algot Wall Shelving from IKEA.
Algot Wall Shelving from IKEA. Image source: IKEA

Obvious choices were of course Ikea’s Algot wall shelving system or Howards Storage World has a shelving system called Elfa. Both offered flexibility in configurations and finishes, but neither of these were quite right.

Now if my budget knew no limits, then I would most definitely be looking at the Royal System Walnut by DK3. Available through Great Dane Furniture in Sydney, this is a simple but stunning design. The mixture of walnut and Brass, just screams Mid-Century class.  Designed by Poul Cadovius in 1948, it was one of the first wall-mounted shelving systems available.

Royal System shelving from Great Dane Furniture
Royal System shelving from Great Dane Furniture. Image source: Great Dane Furniture

But alas my pockets are just not that deep. We are talking in the thousands……. Whoa!!!

And so we come to the String System. Also a design from the last forties (1949) but bought up to date in terms of the materials and probably the manufacture. Also available from Great Dane Furniture in Sydney, this versatile shelving system comes in a various finishes for both the wall supports and the shelving. Aside from actual shelves you can add desk space, drawers units and cupboards.

The beauty of this system is that your can configure it to fit any space. The actual company who make the String System are based in Sweden. Their website has a really little handy tool so you can spend time working out the right configuration for your space, it can then be saved as a PDF.

Here was my draft layout. We already had a desk that we both still really like and is just the right size for our space (hence the void under the shelving). The space about the drawers will house our printer (about the size of a small house!!).

String Shelving Final Draft - Study
String Shelving Final Draft – Study

The shelving will provide plenty of storage for my interior design books and filing boxes, and will leave a bit of space for the all-important styling accessories.


The Fella was not keen, like me he had it in mind that we would look for something a bit more vintage looking (Teak finish), this was just a little to modern looking.

And so I was getting a little bit frustrated.

So to cheer us up a bit, we took a trip to one of our favourite places in Sydney, Lunatiques. A warehouse full of vintage and antique wares. We stopped for a coffee and slice of cake (all part of the experience) and then hit the shop floor.

Not 5 minutes in and The ‘Eagle-eyed’ Fella spotted this………

Mid Century Ladderax Shelving at Lunatiques
Mid Century Ladderax Shelving at Lunatiques

The stars aligned. There was our vintage shelving, desk and plenty of drawer space included, and for less than our previous options. Be still my beating heart.

This was an original Ladderax unit from the UK. Ok, so it was dusty, a little grubby and with signs of being well used, but we were smitten.

Money exchanged hands and it was ours.

Excited was an understatement, my mind was reeling at just how I am going to arrange them and then probably re-arrange them LOL.
Sunday morning was spent washing it and piecing it together.

Voila!!! (Sorry about the photo).

Installed Ladderax Shelving
Installed Ladderax Shelving

Now all I have to do is fill, and believe me that ain’t gonna take long. But now is the perfect time to have a good clear out.

Check out the finished (almost) article. Still some tweaking needed on the styling but we are getting there.

I know we both thing we have something great, as we are currently running a relay of popping into the study to admire a latest acquisition LOL!!!

That’s got to be a good thing.



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