Back in the Swing of Things

Hello remember me??? Ok so it has been a while, a long while, but hey I’m back. Focused and ready to go!!!

Where have I been you may well ask.

It’s been like this, there has been some:

Textile choosing
Vintage furniture shopping
Quote gathering
Homeware buying
Pinterest pinning
Some more procrastinating
Book Shelf rearranging (that took weeks on its own)
and just a smidgen of binge TV watching (House of Cards, Jessica Jones and Lost Girl, I love you but enough!!!)

So you see I have been doing something even if it wasn’t always useful. Even now the hard work continues, right now while I am writing this I am also drinking a huge cup of tea whilst eating my favourite biscuit (McVities Digestives).

But I have to say time away from the blog has done me a power of good and I am refreshed and ready to get going again. I have some new updates, gorgeous product finds and other bits and pieces to share. My love for all thing interior design means I want to talk about it all the time, so this time away from the blog also means I am about fit to burst with interior design talk!!!

So thanks for sticking around and I am sorry for neglecting you.

Scouts honour it won’t happen again!!


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