A Local Hero – Camperdown Commons

Camperdown Commons / Acre Eatery - A Local Hero

Now I know this is a ‘Interior Design’ blog, but I just couldn’t go passed sharing this local hero. Although not directly related to interiors, the inside of this place is gorgeous.

New to the neighbourhood, it is the amazing Camperdown Commons and Acre Eatery.
Australians have a deep love and fondness for lawn bowls. Every suburb has a bowling club and Camperdown was no different, except that our local bowls club had fallen on hard times and eventually closed for good.

Bowling Club Before – Image source Pocket City Farms

Enter the Canterbury and Hurlstone Park Returned Services League and their partners Pocket City Farms.
After a long administration process with the local council, permission was finally granted to transform the site.
After a lot of soil testing, hard graft and building work, Camperdown Commons was born.

Camperdown Commons Market Farm

Part of the commons is made up of an urban farm and market garden.
Its aim is to provide community space where visitors can come and volunteer and learn about growing food organically with a view to taking that knowledge and trying it at home.  The ethos is all about sustainability and a back to basics approach to growing and eating your own food. Locals in the area can also try the produce via a farm stall.

Camperdown Commons Urban Farm – Image source: Pocket City Farms

The other part of the Commons is given over to the fine art of eating and drinking.  A small coffee shop (Container Coffee) at the entrance to the farm provide passers-by with the all-important hit of caffine. Whilst the main building houses Acre Eatery.

The Acre Eatery runs a seasonal menu which is governed by what is harvested from the grounds. The kitchen offers casual eating on the terrace and a slightly more formal setting inside. The Bar area is open later into the evening with an extensive wine and cocktail list and partnerships with a few of the local microbreweries (Wayward, Young Henry’s). There is a bar menu is you get a bit peckish between Rivermint Rickeys or Earl Grey Bees Knees, yum!!!

Time for Lunch

The architecture of the eatery is timber framed and barn like in its design. And the interiors have a modern rustic look. Timber feature heavily in this space, the smell of freshly sawn wood is still strong in the air, at last for now. Large windows with views over the farm, let light flood in and can be opened up to let breeze blow through on the hotter days.

Watching the Gardens Grow

The colour palette is pretty neutral so as not to over shadow the natural beauty of the timber. The furniture is a mixture of slimline contemporary and modern rustic with large tables reminisent of farmhouse kitchen tables for large gatherings.

Farmhouse Dining

The Fella and I just had to try this place. So we popped down for a spot of lunch. The food was rustic and great and the space is amazing. But my advice book if you can or get here early as this place filled up fast.

We chose:
Potted Salmon and Cauliflower Fritti to start.
For mains we went for Charred Wagyu rump cap, garden béarnaise, pickled mushroom and the Bitter leaf, pear and blue cheese risotto.


Looking Thoughtful Over a Beer

Overall this project is a welcome addition to my little suburb, and being the first of its kind, a bit of a groundbreaker too. I hope I get to enjoy it long into the future.


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