Coffee table styling, nailed!!

Image source: Collectively Inc

So you know when you are looking through interior design magazines or are browsing the internet for home decor ideas and you see those perfectly styled coffee tables and you are like……

“Why doesn’t my coffee table ever look that good???”

You know the ones, they usually have a lovely flower arrangement and a neat pile of expensive books and a amazingly awesome object d’art. Mmmmmm

Well lucky, lucky you. I just might be able to help you there.

Now for me, styling a coffee table is fun. It provides you with an opportunity to show off some of your most valued treasures.
And remember it’s not permanent, so if you are not happy you can just swap things in and out and just keep on re-arranging until you are happy with the look.

To start with, get hold of the basics things. To me they are:

  1. A tray, this help to contain and frame items together to give a unified look.
  2. A tall vase or candle holder to vary height.
  3. A por or bowl holding something living like greenery / flowers for adding texture.
  4. Some nice books or some magazines (preferably not the trashy celebrity ones)
  5. A decorative sculptural object.
  6. And for practical reasons, coasters are a must especially if your table surface is wood or easily marked or stained.

Once you have these basics in place, then it’s simply a matter of putting them together to make a amazing arrangement. Feel free to add a couple of extras, like a nice candle or a small decorative dish or box.

Remember everything about your home should be reflective of who your are, it should convey your personality, your tastes and interests.
So for instance when choosing books, opt for topics that are of interest to you. Don’t buy and use books because they are popular and everyone has them (Tom Ford’s book springs to mind instantly).

Your decorative object should be something you love and maybe has a special meaning. Maybe it’s something a bit out of the ordinary, a conversation starter. Well that just fine too.

And if you need further inspiration, then check out the images below….

Image source: Amber Interior Design


image source: Homepolish


Image source: My Domaine


Image source: Cuckoo 4 Design


Image source: Anna Bode + Co


Image source: Tessa Neustadt


Image source: Design Love Fest


Image source: Tessa Neustadt

There are no rules as to how much or how little you put on your table.

Oh but one tip. Leave room for your coffee!!


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