En Vogue – magazine covers as art.

Image source: Art.com

There’s a reason it’s called ‘Vogue’ (French for style) and that’s because women have been turning to it to keep abreast of the latest styles for 124 years.

Yes I know, 124 years!!.

Founded in the United States in 1892 by Arthur Turnure, it was originally conceived as a weekly newspaper aimed at the New York elite to keep them informed of the latest fashions and notable social gatherings with a bit of sport coverage thrown in for the male readers.

My how it has evolved.

But it just not it’s contents that it is known for. Just like many well known publications, the covers have become just as iconic as the printed words inside. And why wouldn’t that be some of the most famous photographers in the world have left their mark on a Vogue cover.
Publications like The New Yorker, Life and Rolling Stone have all been re-imagined as art, stationery and greeting cards, all from their covers.

Vogue is no exception. Prints of their covers are available from many sources and no matter how many interiors I have seen featuring one of these iconic prints, I still love them.
The added bonus with these prints is that regardless of the style of you interior, modern, vintage ot period, there is a print to suit.

Image source: Not on the High Street


Image source: Architectural Digest


Voguw Paris cover
Image Source: Vogue Paris


Image source: Etsy.


Image source: Paterson Maker
Image source: Summer Wind


Check out the the vast range here at Art.com

Womens fashion not your thang?? Then don’t worry The New Yorker, Time Magazine and The National Geographic are all available as art prints. And if you are looking for something a little more literary, then book covers of classic titles can also be found.

As Madonna would say “Strike a pose there’s nothing to it… Vogue!!!”


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