Winter Warmers

Pinterest Blank-15
Image Source: Emils Backe
Sorry for the long gap between posts, I have had some early starts and I have my first cold of the year, usually I am pretty resistant to the cold season but alas not this time. So tissues, lemsips and cough mixture have been the order of the day.

It also got me thinking about Winter, which is almost upon us.

Now when this happened in England, it was an sign that Christmas was just around the corner. So although nobody really looked forward to the winter coming, there was at least a little Christmasy light at the end of the tunnel.

But now I live in Australia, winter is not a sign that Christmas will soon be here, that’s what the summer is for. Even after 12 years of living here, it is something my head still struggles to get around.

So now is the perfect time to get your home Winter ready.

Picture big comfy chair, lots of pillows, snuggly blankets and a hot cup of tea, coffee or yum, hot chocolate!!

Choosing things for the home to keep you warm and cosy is no different from choosing winter clothes for yourself, out go the lighter fabrics and colours and in come the thicker textures and darker tones (unless your are like me and continue to wear reasonably bright colours whatever the season). Think wool, velvets and fur (prefereably of the fake kind, no animals need suffer for you to have a warm home).

So to help get your home winter ready, follow these easy steps to get and stay cozy. And let me tell you, today in Sydney the rain is coming down with a vengeance, so I will be making use of all the suggestions, myself.

**** Warning my cause you not to leave your home until Spring *****

Step 1 – Hang some heavy velvet drapes to keep out the draughts.

Step 2 – Lay down a soft, foot loving rug.

Step 3 -Make yourself a hot drink, choose your poison.

Step 4 – Get yourself a nice big comfy armchair.

Step 5 – Add a couple of soft and tactile cushions.

Step 6 – Get a nice ottoman to put your slippered feet on.

Step 7 – layer yourself under some furry and or wool throws.

Step 8 – Relax and stay toasty as.

Here are my choices for a warm cozy corner. What are yours??

1. Chicago Armchair – Life Interiors   2. Sanela Drapes – Ikea    3. Tucker Square Ottoman – Freedom   4. Shake Your Tail Feather Cup and Saucer – T2   5. Amala Flokati Rug – Anthropologie   6. Bloomingville Mongolian Lamb Fur Round Cushion – Click On Furniture   7. Pilve Knit Cushion – Country Road    8. Pom Pom Wool Blanket – Fenton and Fenton

I am off to make myself a nice hot cup of Earl Grey tea and a snuggle under a blanket.


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