Bedroom Makeover Update

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So my bedroom project is moving along.

The Fella painted over the Easter break and I am really pleased with how it came out. Especially bearing in mind just how much The Fella hates painting, bribery in the form of Ferrero Roche chocolates was utilised.

So for those just tuning in, my chosen paint colour was ‘Heavy Metal’ from British Paints.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 7.57.16 PM
Image source: British Paints

All our existing bedroom furniture (bed, side tables and chest of drawers) are all back in place.

The next big job is the windows. As mentioned in myBedroom Before I have white roman blinds up. I did arrange for Mansours to come out and measure up for some new curtains.

However, getting curtains made in my chosen fabric would have been over $4,000…… jeez!!!

The fabric I really like is this from Suburban Home at Duralee. It’s called Fergana its an Ikat pattern in a vibrant Lime green. (Love, love, love).

I think it is really going to pop against my dark grey walls.

Image source: Duralee

Now $4k for curtains is just way over my price range. So I am going to make them myself. I was lucky enough to source a large amount of this fabric from Etsy and was more in the range of $400 rather then $4,000. This will take me a bit of time, but I think it will be worth it.

Putting curtains up means I am going to need rods. I really liked the timber and brass mid century rods from West Elm, unfortunately its just a bit too short. So I have shopped around and spotted these on eBay.

Curtain Rods
Image source: eBay


The finials are similar to the West Elm rod, so still has a mid century feel to it.

Then it’s just a matter of working on the smaller details.

We have ordered a new light fitting from West Elm. I went for the Mid Century Glass Pendant.

Image source: West Elm

I like the brass on this, which fits in with the others brass elements, like cabinet hardware, that I have introduced.
So that should be here soon, ready for The Fella to put up (lucky he is a licensed electrician).

I am also updating the hardware on our furniture and built-ins. I am changing out the stainless steel for some warm brass.

I picked up the below handles from eBay. I am really pleased, they are going to look awesome.

Cabinet knobs
Image source: eBay

Now I am just hunting down handles for the built-ins in the same tone of brass, coz they are not all the same.
I think the brass will add a touch of warmth and style to the room.

I have my eye on this ‘Vittoria’ table from GlobeWest for next to the armchair in the corner.


Image source: GlobeWest

The chair is at an angle and so the current table, which is square sits awkwardly. I think the round table will work better. I really love the little shelf, great for a couple of books and a vase.

The tapered legs mirror the legs of our other bedroom furniture and I love the warmth of the timber.

To go onto the table I have my eye on the mini ‘Abacus’ table lamp from West Elm.

Image source: West Elm

Again has the brass elements to continue the theme.

I am keeping my eye out, mostly on Etsy, for the little decorative bits and pieces to finish the space off. I want to add some greenery as I think this really add something to a room and few other little bits of brass (mid century) just to tie everything together.

I am so excited and can’t wait to show you the finished result.

Stay tuned!!!


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