A trip to The Society Inc


For a long time I have been meaning to visit the store of designer and vintage lover Sibella Court.

Some of you may know her name from some of the books she has written, which are a visual feast for the eye, full of vintage and well loved homes.
Her book ‘Etcetera etc’ is a well loved book for interior inspiration.


I love Sibella’s style. She is a passionate supporter of restoration and the use of aged pieces, whether they be recent purchases or family heirlooms and treasures, to create really personal spaces with lots of character and interest.

Her store, ‘The Society Inc‘ is located in Sydney’s St. Peters’ design hub known as ‘Precinct 75’. And it is a real testament to her design philosophy. It is breaming with vintage finds for all parts of the home. There’s a real mixture of the fun, the beautiful and the damn right quirky.

And OMG I loved it!!!

Here are a few photos I took, whilst browsing for my mental shopping list.


So many amazing things to buy, I will definitely be making a return journey to  make a purchase or two or three.

It is so refreshing to see some really unique and vintage items in the plethora of mass produced modern homewares that are currently available in the stores at the moment.

Keep up the good work Sibella!!!


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