In the dark, bedroom makeover.

Image source: SF Girl

So an on going project in my home is our bedroom.

And although the bigger things like bedroom furniture and built-ins are all taken care of, the painting is not!

Currently the walls are painted a shade of white (which one, and my there are a lot, I am not sure). It did not take so well and really needs an update.
We have a lot of grey in our apartment and so will carry that on to the bedroom too.
At first I was thinking of a light grey, but after looking around Pinterest, I am thinking of crossing to the dark side, the dark side of grey.

I have some teal, green and brass accents in the room and think these will really pop against a dark grey.

The room is also a really light room in the afternoons. in fact is gets full sum pretty much all afternoon till sun down, so I think it will take a dark colour really well, we are talking cozy.

Not convinced???

Well check out the below images as these are what convinced me!!

Image source: Just The Bee’s Knee


Image source: Oh Happy Day


Image source: House and Home


Image source: Elise Joseph


Image source: Lesley Graham


Image source: Coco Kelley


Image source: Plastolux


Image source: Trendenser


Image source: Rue Mag


What do you think?? Convinced??

Good, as I already have my eye on a colour that I am going to test out.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 7.57.16 PM

Guess what it is called!!

Just kidding.

‘Heavy Metal’ is part of the British Paints range. I do love their colours and their paint chips/swatches are a generous size.

Now ‘The Fella’ has a few extra days off next week, so I am hoping one of them will involve a trip to the hardware store for a sample pot of paint.

I will keep you posted.



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