Life In-style, Sydney Feb 2016 Round Up


So as promised here is my round up of the Life Instyle trade show.

Once again held at the Hall of Industries in the Entertainment quarter, this saw some big names (in Australia) promoting the show and their products, including Greg Natale and Jason Grant. Let me point out now, that I saw neither!!!  😔😔😔

Now I will be honest and say, that I did kinda by pass the Kids Instyle area. I don’t really have much of a call to really stop there and well, I had somewhere else to be!!!!

And so into the fold my friends!!


Mara Rug

So I walk into the main hall and the first thing that catches my eye is this rug!!! I just love the colours and the glittery gold thread woven in.
Langdon Ltd are the suppliers, they also stock cushions, kimonos and the cute clutch bags below.

Chevron, Diamond and Ziggy clutches.

I figure if you are gonna buy a rug, why not commit to a clutch too!!!



Diamond Turkish Towels

Turkish towels seem really popular right now. The colours are great and the texture is soft and lightweight, perfect for the Australian summer. Add to that  the number of uses they have, towel, throw, sarong!!!

These are from House of Indigo and are part of the Diamond range. They also stock other textiles like bedding and table linen.


Indigo cushion covers

Sparkk have long been a favourite textile designer of mine. I have an ottoman in one for their fabrics and just love it.
These indigo cushion covers are part of Sparkk’s collaboration with the amazing ladies at Shibori.


Bamboo seating, foot stools and storage

Baskets, baskets baskets. I am a bit of a basket case.

Storage does not have to be ugly plastic boxes. Woven baskets add texture to a room.

These along with the beautiful woven foot stools, mats and that bamboo chair are from This… Design and Living. They have a huge range of products including furniture, homewares and lighting sourced from China, Morocco, India and Vietnam. Noe they are a wholesalers so do not sell direct to the public, however most of their products can be purchased from Scandinalia.



Leather is also a great material for adding texture and style to an interior. Husband and wife team Adam and Rebecca Fogarty at Hammered Leatherworks make all of their own products. Their homeware range using four choices of leather, include these hanging planters and fish bowls (how cool??) as well as wall shelves.


Adventure world cork map

I though this cork map was a bit of fun and would look great in a home office or even a kid’s room. It’s from Short Story, who sell all kinds of fun bits and pieces for the home.

How much fun would it be to stick pins in, each time you visited a place????


Rustic timber furniture

Before I start, so sorry about the photo!! 😔

This rug (I love) and the rustic timber furniture are from Loft Furniture. I love the little stools, they would look great in a little nook or hallway with a stack of magazines. Loft Furniture stock a wide range of styles and are quite reasonably priced too.



Leather storage tower

Also made from leather are this stunning storage boxes and stands are from Sagitine, who focus on storage to compliment your wardrobe area. Marketed as ‘Seriously sexy shoe storage’ (which they are!!!) the boxes can be bought separately and come in a range of sizes.

All you need now are lots of shoes to fill it!!! 😉


Ceramic and cork ware.

This ceramic and cork mix is the Amorim range from Sateen. Now it wasn’t so much the cork that grabbed my attention but the colour, hey!! I am a turquoise and all shades there of fan. Just ask my niece, she thinks I have a condition of some sort.

However I do really like the cork and for me it makes a nice change from marble. It has great texture. The cork is removable, making these products oven and dishwasher safe, always a bonus. They also come in charcoal grey and white. I think they would be a great addition to a contemporary kitchen space.


Timber Clocks

Available through PS Home and Living, these beautiful wood clocks are by the London Clock Company. They would suit a range of decor styles and would work in any room, although I am thinking man cave.

PS Home and Living are also the supplier of these old school record players by GPO Retro UK.

Retro technology.

I just think they are so cool!!


Kitchen, table and homewares.

Last stop was at the amazing St Bart’s Trading Company, as the name suggests this store is all about the Caribbean Coast…… hell why not!!!

The products are all rustic, earthy and neutral. Rich with texture and pattern, they will make any home feel calm and relaxed.

They are a little pricier, but they are really good quality and so unique. All the pieces work so well together. It is truly beautiful.

And some more.


And so ends my little wrap of Life Instyle Sydney for another year. Next stop for Life Instyle is in Melbourne from 4th – 7th August.

Hope you enjoyed, anything that catches your eye??

Let me know, I love to hear your comments and feedback.

I am off now to look for ways to raise lots and lots of money so I can then go buy all the things I saw that I wanted… no needed!!!


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