Easy Capiz, a new business venture.

Let me tell you about my friend Chantell Sharp.

Firstly she is gonna kill me for posting this picture of her 😜, (I nicked it from her Facebook account and I can’t stop laughing about it!!!).

Secondly, you know when there are just some people in your life, who you just love to be around, like all the time?? Well she is one of those people.
She is fun, big hearted, generous with her time and attention and just a really good person and an awesome mum.

So when she told me about her new business venture, I just could not help but be excited for her and just had to share it with you.

It all started with a work offer for her hubby and then a move for the whole family to the Philippines.
Now Chantell does love a shop, so whilst in the Philippines, she came across these large bowls and trays made from Capiz shell.

Once Chantell and entourage moved back to Australia, she picked up on the number of comments she got about her Capiz purchases and so sparked a little business idea.

After a return trip to Manila, a steep learning curve,  many telephone calls and e-mails and I am sure lots of worry and stress, Chantell’s shop is finally open for business.

Lots of back slapping, clapping and hi-fiving all round.

Now when she was telling me all this on a rather lengthy telephone call, I had to admit, I wasn’t a hundred percent sure what exactly capiz was, so had to google.

So Capiz is made from the shell of the Windowpane Oyster, these oysters are found around the Gulf of Arden, India and Malaysia as well as in the Philippines.
Although edible, they are bred more for their shells and the pearls they make.

This is what the shell looks like when harvested and cleaned

Image source: Wikipedia

And below are some of the products it can be made in to, all available on Chantell’s Shopify site.

Image source: Rua Collection
Peacock Ombre Tray
Blue and gold bowl
Black and White wine cooler and decorative balls
Dotty blue coasters.

Isn’t it just gorgeous??? I am particularly taken with the blue pieces and the peacock tray.

Anyway check out Chantell’s shop, tell her I sent you.

Rua Collection

The shop name by the way is Irish, the word ‘Rua’ translates to ‘Red Haired’.

Mmmmm now I wonder why she chose that????


2 thoughts on “Easy Capiz, a new business venture.

  1. Hi Cheryl,
    Well done on such a wonderful blog.
    I have enjoyed reading all about the facts of Capiz and it all looks beautiful.
    This is exactly what Chantell needed, another person’s in-sight and knowledge of her and the concept of her new business venture.
    I love the name and even more so now !
    I believe she is lucky to have such a lovely friend in you.
    Good luck girls and a big hi-five sister again ! X

    Liked by 1 person

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