A trip to Warwick Fabrics

Warwick Fabric Showroom

It’s is always nice to help friends out, there is no better feeling.
Even more so, when you can combine it with an interest or passion.

So when my beautiful friend Olwyn, asked me to go with her to pick some upholstery fabric, there was no way I was going to say no. Go and look at fabric, ummmm all day!!

Image source: Erik Jørgensen

Olwyn is in the possession of a ‘Cicero’ lounge suite from Erik Jorgensen (see above image). Comprising of a sofa, two armchairs and an ottoman, they are in need of an update.

So Monday we took a little trip to Warwick Fabrics.

Warwick Fabrics

Now I love this place, in fact I have applied for a job here, twice. But to no avail, sigh!!! anyways….

Warwick Fabrics is located in the inner west of Sydney and is one go the most accessible fabrics suppliers for the public. Unlike some of the others, no appointment is needed and bonus, they are open on Saturdays.

The range here just keeps on getting better and better, bright colours and bold patterns are more evident and the layout of the showroom makes finding the perfect fabric so much easier.

My version of a candy store
A sample of Warwick’s outdoor range.

Now although I was there to help friend with her choices, there was no way I was not going to have a look myself. So here a few little gems that caught my eye:

‘Tuileries’ range in Fiesta

I do love a bit of colour, so this really had my attention. A lightweight fabric, perfect for curtains, but I was thinking how much I would have loved a dress in this 😉 oh and an armchair.


‘Zamora’ Range in ‘Lagon’

Again I love the colour way of this fabric, but also what a great pattern. I can easily picture a Danish armchair upholstered with this.


‘Salamanca’ range in ‘Graphite’

This is a great geometric print, simple in design with a bit of a punch. I am thinking sofa!!

And another great thing about visiting Warwick Fabrics, is their generosity when it comes to fabrics samples. They will happily provide you with five to take away. If you need more they will send out extra in the post.

This is so important when choosing the right fabric.

Here a few samples I picked up. Love the blue tones!!!

L-R – Espirit ‘Pacific’ , Akari ‘Aquamarine’, Enigma ‘Sky Blue’, Beachcomber ‘Lagoon’ and Beachcomber ‘Ice’


Olwyn was also partially successful in finding potential fabrics. She was after three and managed to get two.


‘Spectrum’ in Apple and ‘Kane’ in Silver

Both gorgeous fabrics, creating a really amazing contrast in both pattern, colour and texture. I cannot wait to see them together on her furniture.

The plan discussed was for the armchairs and sofa to be in the grey, the ottoman to be in the pattern and cushions to be a mix of the pattern and a third fabric.

As to the elusive third choice, well that is still to be found and we are already thinking about a trip to one of the other fabric suppliers.

A gorgeous Velvet is on the agenda!!!!

I for one cannot wait!!!!


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