My House – The Bedroom Before

So it’s the new year and like most people I start the year with many intentions to complete projects around the home.

My focus right now, and boy do I need to focus, is on our bedroom.

I am trying to concentrate on one room at a time, because my attention shifts from one space to another depending which room I happen to be sitting in. And because of that I feel like I am not completing anything.
So the bedroom it is.
Now for the main part it does not really need too much doing. I guess you would just call them cosmetic tweaks.
The main hurdle at the moment is budget, which is tight to say the least. Therefore this will be a distance race rather then a sprint, but that’s ok.

We have fitted wardrobes that were installed a few years back and are still looking and functioning fine and we also have all the furniture we need, bed, chest of drawers, bedside tables and a comfy chair.

So my list of updates to this room are:

The biggest task is the windows (you will see why later)
Refresh the paintwork
New light fitting
Update hardware
Wall decor

Now I would like to change the flooring at some point in the future, but that will not happen for a while so I am happy to live with what we have for now.

The below shows the current state of play. The layout will not change as we have a odd diagonal wall (not shown here) which limits where we can put things. Also as you can see one whole corner is given over to window and sliding door to the terrace, again limiting when it comes to furniture placement.

The Bedroom now

I am happy to leave it this way, as it is nice to lay in bed looking out to the terrace and the planting. The armchair is in a nice light, bright spot, perfect for a lazy afternoon reading.

Diagonal Wall

So this is the odd diagonal wall. The building was once a warehouse so to incorporate two bedrooms, the architects used diagonal walls, our study / guest room shares this wall.

Fitted Wardrobes

These are our fitted wardrobes. Still in perfect working order and just simple white. One thing I am going to change is the hardware.

The hardware

The door pulls are stainless steel as are the handles on the drawers inside the end wardrobe. I am going to replace these and the handles on the other bedroom furniture with brass just to add some warmth.

Shaker Furniture

The bed, chest of drawers and bedside table where all bought a couple of years back. They are in the Shaker style and are American walnut (which I just love). As you can see the hardware is a little un-inspiring.

And so to the windows (deflated sigh and head hung in shame).

Yuk!! Water marked blinds

These roman blinds where bought and installed when we first moved in and yes they have sustained some water damage. They all still work fine, but are just a bit grubby now.

I am opting to go with curtains this time around with blinds behind. I am thinking about roller blinds, not quite total blackout as I still want some light to come in (don’t want to live like a mole!!)

This room gets so hot in the summer, hence the blinds, but is cold in the winter and so the curtains for better insulation (the current arrangement is just not cutting it in that department).

Last but not least is the lighting.

Under sized light

So the pendant light in the main part of the room needs updating. So I am on the look out for something new.  The current one is a bit on the small size.

My bedside lamps on the other hand I love. They where bargain buys from Freedom and I just adore the colour. So these are definitely keepers.

Mid century bedside lamps

The only other lighting I am looking at getting is a small reading light to put by the armchair.

And that’s it. So not a huge project as projects go.

I do get excited at the thought of seeing it all done. I will be posting updates as I go so you can follow my progress.

So stick around, maybe give me a prod if I seem to be taking too long!!!



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