Get organised – 2016 Printable Calendar

TwoThousand AndSixteen

So happy new year everyone !!!!!

I know, I know I am a bit late, after all it is the 4th.
But hey, it’s been a busy week.

How was your NYE celebrations??

After a quiet Christmas, our NYE and the days after were not so quiet.
We had friends come down from Brisbane with their three children, hence the busy!!

Sydney put on her usual amazing firework display and there was a lot of catching up with people not seen for many a year.
So all round a great time.

And so into another year.
Probably like many people, I have good intentions to be more organised, prepared and focused for this new year.
How long it will last , who can say, but there is intention.

I have scoured Pinterest for some useful calendars and planners, I came across these little beauties from Small paper Things.

Image Source: Small Paper Things

I love this design. It is bold and simple and oh so stylish.

The PDF links are below:

Download Your Free 2016 Printable Calendar 

Download Your Free Weekly Planner Printable 

Now there’s no excuse for not staying on top of your busy life 😉


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