Happy New Year


So that Christmas done for another year. I hope yours was full of family, friends and good cheer.

For us, it was quiet (most of our family and friends are back in England). That’s fine for us, we had some good food and it gives ‘The Fella’ time to wind down and relax, he works really hard throughout the year.

And so now we look to a new year.

New Years resolutions, anyone?

Exercise more, lose weight, drink less, spend less or more!!!!!

For me, mine is to focus on where I want to take my career and make some decisions about where I go from here.

Now as much as I would dearly love to focus on getting an interior design business off the ground, along with writing this blog, having one income is a struggle right now.
And as much as I am not totally happy with it, I am going to have to look for other means of income. Which does look like going back and working in my old industry, at least for the short term.

That does not mean I have given up all hope of one day giving people amazing spaces, it just means I will have money at my disposal to help promote the business.

I will also continue to add to the blog, I love sharing finds and new discoveries with people who have a love of all things interiors.

So that just leaves me to say “Happy New Year to you all” and I will see you next year (sounds such a long time away LOL!!!)


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