The Magic of Malachite

Image Source: The Photo Argus by Warren Krupsaw

How beautiful is the image above??

Is it any wonder that interiors steal ideas and inspiration from Mother Nature??

This is Malachite. A Copper (hence the green colour) mineral. The name originates from the Greek for ‘mallow’ due to its resemblance to the Mallow Plant.

This mineral can be ground and used as a colour pigment and has been for hundred of years. The Egyptians used it to decorate their tombs and it was used extensively in the 15th and 16th centuries by the European painters.

Previously Malachite was mined in the Urals in Russia, but is now mined in Australia, France, Israel, Namibia, America and Mexico.

Now to the interiors, Malachite can be found in many forms within the interiors from wallpaper, textiles and ceramics.

If your budget does not stretch to buying a chunk of the real deal, then here’s a few ideas how to get a piece of Malachite in your decor.


  1. As artwork
Image Source: Wisteria


2, As wall covering

Image source: Jonathan Adler


3. In textiles – Drapes

Image Source: Sally Wheat Interiors


4. In textiles – Cushions

Image Source: Whitlock and Co on Etsy


5. Bathroom fixtures and fittings

Image Source: West One Bathrooms


6. As ceramics (Fornasetti, expensive!!!)

Image Source: Peters of Kensington


7. As cabinetry hardware

Image Source: Eduardo Garza


8. In the kitchen

Image Source: Dinosaur Designs UK


9. As storage for your treasures

Image Source: Gigi Designs


10. And just because you can

Image Source: One Kings Lane


As if you need anymore proof of Mother Nature’s awesomeness!!!

And of any of these options prove to much for the budget, then One Kings Lane have a cheap way of creating a Malachite effect in your home for a fraction of the cost. Check out the link below for instructions.

Malachite Effect Make Over

Magical Malachite!!


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