10 Ideas for Wall Decor, that’s not a Framed Picture!!

Image Source My Domaine

I consider myself to be a visual person, I am drawn to colour and pattern. So I have a real problem with large expanses of bare walls in a home, it may suit some, but for me I like visual stimulation. I would never cut it as a minimalist.

Walls are a perfect spot for showcasing things you love and that does not necessarily mean framed art or photographs. Hanging items, other then art and pictures is a good way to add interest to a wall (especially a gallery wall) and in some cases can be a real conversation starter.

Here are a few ideas to get you inspired and started:

1. Hang your hats, decorative and practical.

Image Source Plateful of Love.


2. Or a favourite piece of clothing

Image Source: Design Sponge


3. Hey! why not a bag or two instead?

Image Source: Design Sponge


4. Use your art supplies

Image Source: The Dainty Squid


5. Reminders of favourite holiday destinations

Image Source: Bright, Bold and Beautiful


6. Use nature’s gifts

Image Source: Feather Sculptures by Kristen Leigh Baker


7. Good old washi tape

Image Source: Homey Oh My!


8. Display your vintage collection

Image Source: House to Home


9. Grandma’s favourite china

Image Source: My Domaine


10. Musical instruments

Image Source: Fieldstone Hill Design

The good thing about these ideas is that you don’t have to rush out and start a collection, even if you have just one favourite plate or vintage item you can still hang it along with your framed art or photographs. You will be amazed how one item can add interest to a wall.

Would love to see your results.



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