Zara Home lands in Sydney.

Image source from Zara Home

Zara Home has made it’s way to Sydney, with the store in Pitt Street Mail opening it’s doors today.

Now I remember when its clothing store opened here a few years back, and let me tell you that opening day was not for the faint hearted. With massive queues and big set security on the door, it was mayhem.
So I am gonna hold back on visiting for a few days at least anyway.

But don’t fret my friends, there’s always the online store.

And to mark the Sydney store opening, Zara Home are offering week long free shipping. YAY!!!!

Now naturally enough, I have already checked out the online offerings (I am anything but not dedicated).

Anyway here are a few treats that I have got my eye on:

Grey Lined Foulard-Style Blanket – $39.95


Gold Top Dispenser Bottle – $15.95


Metal Nest of Tables – $239


Tile Design Bowl – $12.95


Double Wooden Frame – $39.95


Brass Hammered Vase – $69.95


White and Grey Rug – $39.95


Brown Leather Coin Holder – $39.95


Golden Toned Basket with Diamond-Shaped Plaiting – $89.95


Crystal and Metal Door Knobs (set of 2) – $15.95


I love it when new stores selling homewares opens up, I am like a kid in a candy store.

Check out more of Zara Home online, let me know what you think and what (if) you bought.


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