The Storage Wars

Have I told you how much I hate clutter??


Are you sure?? Mmmmmm

Well I do. Now don’t get me wrong I am not a minimalist, I just like things to be in their right place. I just like things to look tidy.

That’s easy for me to achieve as I am a bit of neat freak, but sometimes things can get out of control. Having children, hobbies or even home businesses can add to your possessions stack, finding places for everything can be a real problem.

Having plenty of storage, whether built-in or free standing is a real bonus, however if your pad is small this might not be possible.

So finding storage containers is the next best thing, but if they are going to be on show they also need to be aesthetically pleasing too.

So if you feel overwhelmed by ‘stuff’ and are in the market for some pretty storage then check out these picks.

Arrow Basket $49.95 from Freedom


Two Colour Basket from Zara Home – $119 – $139


Large Curved Basket from West Elm – $69


Seagrass Hamper / Basket from Bed, Bath and Table – $79.95 – $149.95


Gold and White Basket from Zara Home – $89


Silver Woven Console Basket from West Elm – $79
Lorne Basket from Freedom – $39.95


Montego Baskets from Adairs – $59.95


And if budget is a consideration, let’s face sometimes storage baskets can be a little expensive, then Target and Kmart have some options.

Metal Stackable Storage Basket from Target – $10
White Wash Water Hyacinth Basket from Target – $15








White Dipped Basket from Kmart – $19
Navy / White Basket from Kmart – $14








So get decluttering people!!!


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