Fibre Wall Art » The Merrythought

Wall hangings are really popular right now, it seems we have rediscovered a love for macrame and just can’t get enough of it. They are a good way to add interest to a wall and break up a collection of pictures.

This is a simple way to get a piece for yourself from The Merry Thought

What I love about these DIY wall hangings is that you can totally custom them to your tastes, so it neutral tones are not your thang then you can experiment with colour to your heart’s content.

I am considering having a go myself. I will let you know how I go!!!

For instructions click the link below.

Source: Fiber Wall Art » The Merrythought

And if you need some macrame supplies, check out Simply Macrame or  Benjamin’s Crafts 


2 thoughts on “Fibre Wall Art » The Merrythought

    1. I checked out Heidi and Cooper’s wall art, and yes agree Brittany, very cute. The great thing about these little projects, aside from being easy, is that you can taylor the colours to suit your taste. If you do give it try, be sure to share the end result. Would love to see!!

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