Etsy Picks – Bold as brass


So I have been spending time looking through Etsy’s products. (Sigh!! the things I do for you guys. ;-))

Today I have been focusing on ‘Brass’. It is really popular right now, and why not? It can add a real feeling of quality and class, even when used in a small amount.
And that small amount can be added in the form of picture frames, candle holders, light fittings, figurines and many other ways.

Also because brass is popular at the moment it means if you are more into new items there is a wide choice available but if your style is more vintage (like mine) then there are plenty of options there too.

So take a sticky beak at the finds below:

Bottle opener by My Cup of Love – $22


Vintage Wine rack by Once Again Vintage Shop – $52


Hippo Trinket Box by My Vintage Past life – $75


Diamond Wall Sconce / Air Plant Holder by Hand made Sam Made – $30


Circus Elephant Figurine from Microscope Telescope – $45


Hammered Platter / Tray from Vintage by Tiffinie – $58


Candle Holders from Oana Vintage Corner – $255


Modern Table Lamp from Photonic Studio – $290


Swiss Clock from Retro Ruam – $355


See anything that catches your eye, I have.

There’s plenty more to be had on Etsy, so don’t get brassed off (excuse the pun) with my options, check them out for yourself.

Share your purchases, would love to see your treasures.

Happy shopping!!


One thought on “Etsy Picks – Bold as brass

  1. Hi, Cheryl. Thank you for these beautiful finds. I, too, love brass in every shape and form. I actually own Oana Vintage Corner and I was pleasantly surprised to see my candle holders mentioned in your post. The candle holders are still available in my store for a sale price of $160 instead of $255. Thanks again and have a great day!

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