Book Love – Add this to your Christmas list!!!!

I know, I know, I have been a bit absent of late. I hold my hands up, I have no excuse.

Although in my defence I did just get my hands on a copy of Emily Henderson’s ‘Styled’.

Em Henderson Book

Now I have a lot of interior design books, all of them useful in their own way. Some not so and are just filling space on my bookshelf, which I may add is my current bug bear in styling my home, but hey that’s another story.

But I am totally smitten with this book. I love Emily Henderson’s work anyway.
I have flicked through it a hundred, no wait a thousand times already.

If you have not heard of her or seen any of her work then check it out here Emily Henderson Studio.

You will not be disappointed.

Anyway back to the book.

It has some gorgeous photos of her work with information on why the layout of the things in that particular photograph work and there are so many useful tips on how to layer things to create amazing vignettes of your treasures.

Emily also shares pointers on photographing the results so you can share on the  social media of your choice.

There is a fun quiz at the start to help you work out your style, the first important step in creating your home.

What I really love about Emily’s style and ethic is that every home should tell a story and reflect your tastes, personality and style.

She encourages you to work with what you have before running out and spending (or wasting) money on things that you feel no connection with and are buying for the sake of buying (Guilty as charged).

Emily’s creates spaces that are full of texture, colour, warmth and character, homes that are actually lived in by their owners and are not soulless photo shoot set ups.
You will not see the latest trends or anything ultra modern. She has a love of the vintage and the unique, that she mixes with contemporary items from stores like West Elm.

If you are looking for inspiration, then I would say if you buy one book this year (Darn November already) or next year, then make it this book.

I defy you not to like.


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