Reading corners, every home should have one.

Image from Design Sponge

Ahhhh, the reading corner or nook (if you want) is a must have for me.

I am a book worm, always have been and always will be. So it’s an essential element to my space.
In fact in my little apartment I have two. That’s how important it is to me.

So what makes a good, no great reading corner???

  1. A comfy chair.
  2. Good natural light.
  3. A good nighttime light source.
  4. A side table to stack your books and to put your cuppa or glass of wine on.
  5. A foot rest, hey you’ve gotta put your feet up now and again.

Need some inspiration?? Here are some amazing corners, just add you and a book!!!

Image from Refinery 29
Image from Sarah Sherman Samuel
Image from The Design Files
Image from Home Polish
Image from Maria Killam
Image from Bathrooms and More UK
Image from Domino
Image from House of Hipster

I hope these give you some ideas and inspiration to get your who corner of serenity.

Mmmmm!! now where did I leave my book??

Oh! there it is, next to my glass of wine. 😉



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