Sydney Garage Sale Trail


There’s nothing Sydney siders like more then a garage sale.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, right??

On any given weekend if you are out and about, you will find homemade signs sellotaped to telegraph poles and lampposts advertising a garage sale in the area.

Today was the mother of all garage sales, the ‘Garage Sale Trail’ was on with registered garage sales on all over Australia.
With a handy tool to put together a trail all of your own, there’s no danger of you missing a bargain.

For me however there was only one place I was heading for and that was Mitchell Road Antique and Design Centre.

I love this place at the best of times, but with a garage sale happening. Wild horses wasn’t gonna keep me away.

This place is a haven for Mid Century modern fans. Furniture, lighting, homewares and clothing, all bases are covered here.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a sausage sizzle for Breast Cancer Awareness today too!!

Back to the garage sale. Now whenever I visit this place I see a bundles of things I like, but not necessarily thing I would buy. Today was no different, here a few things that caught my eye.

I love the colours of this lamp lime green and gold.
Or just gold, gold gold!!
I really like the base of this one, would consider a different shade.
I wished I had filmed this letter. The light changed colour. Would make a great feature piece.
I am a massive turquoise fan, so I am always draw to it. Wouldn’t necessary buy these but like the colour.
More colour and so much texture.
Not for the faint hearted, bold and beautiful dining suite. Just love it.
Mustn’t forget the all important bar cart. Mad men cocktails coming up!!

And the hi-light for me. These are just gorgeous.


And again!! Close up, work the camera baby!!


When I met up with ‘The Fella’ later on, even he commented on these. Not normally impressed by things like furniture.

So there you go. My little garage sale wrap up.

And just to finish my little trip off, a little detour to this place.

Image from Timeout

Substation is in, yes you guessed it, a disused electricity substation. I am a real supporter of repurposing old buildings. Especially if they end up selling good coffee.

A good coffee.
A yummy colourful chicken salad

An all round great day. Will go to bed dreaming of those leather chairs.


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