Nine colourful doors, which one are you???

Image by Nicole Gibbons

We all know the sayings “first impressions last” and “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

Well the same is true for your home.

The first part of your home a visitor sees on arrival is your front door, therefore it is the first glimpse of what they will find inside and what you are about.
So it’s important to give it some attention and put your mark on it.

Now this can be tricky if like me you live in an apartment block, where all the interiors, Including the front doors, are all kept the same for a cohesive, tailored look. The best you can do is make sure it is maintained (i.e. no scuff marks or scratches in the paint).

But for you people who have your very own front door (lucky), it’s time to show it some love.

First thing is your hardware (no! not guns and bullets) but your handles, door knobs and doors knockers.
It makes such a difference if your hardware is all of the same material and colour.

See the below.

From this I see a messy and unloved door. I would infer from this that it is not something that the owners are particularly bothered about.
Would people get the impression that the inside is the same??? Remember god is in the details.

Having the hardware all matching creates a polished and styled look. It says that you have paid attention to the details and that they are important to you.

See below:

I am a big fan of brass door hardware, to me it just says luxury and elegance. But I also like hardware that adds contrast to the colour of the door and stands out, so if that means using black or silver, well hey that’s ok too!

And now for the fun bit (and my favourite bit) the COLOUR!!!

There is no right or wrong colour, it just comes down to self expression and the quality of the work.

Here are nine colourful doors, maybe you will find your inspiration amongst these:

Lime green and steel – image from Houzz

Green doors reflect peace, growth, health and harmony.

Image from The Clever Home
Orange and Brass

Orange doors are a sign of extroversion, confidence, optimism and cheerfulness.

Purple and Brass

Purple doors are a sign of creativity, imagination, wisdom and energy.

Yellow with black hardware – Image from Young House Love

Yellow doors are a symbol of mental clarity, warmth, fun and humour.

Red with silver – image from Michelle Marsden Design

Red Doors reflect youth, positive energy, boldness and excitement.

White with black – image from HDD

White doors reflect neatness, calmness, balance and neutrality.

Black with silver – Image from Urrutia Design

Black doors represent elegance and calmness.

Grey with silver – image from Maria Killam

Grey door represents clarity, composure, practicality and maturity.

Blue with Silver – Image from Evensen Design

Blue doors are a symbol of trust, dependability, strength and prosperity.

Ok so which did you choose??

If I owned my own door, I would go for blue (well turquoise actually). I am chuffed with being trustworthy, dependable, strong and prosperous (or maybe that’s preposterous, who knows LOL!!!)

Hope you enjoyed.

Catch ya soon.


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