House Call – Clontarf House, Sydney.

Sydney designer Greg Natale is hot property right now. With a tour in the States, meeting up with Jonathan Adler, and then over to the UK to promote his new book ‘A Tailored Interior’ he is really doing very well for himself.

And it’s no wonder when you look at his work.

Clontarf House in Sydney is one of the highest of his work for me. The brief given by the clients for was for ‘white pared-back interiors with a lot of rich colours’. I think Greg Natale nailed it, what do you think???

Behind the fabulous orange door is a bright, welcoming entry, the gold handrail is just stunning and adds a real sense of glamour.

The glamour just keeps coming. Gold used for soft furnishing just works against the white backdrop.

Just beautiful!!!

Just too much WOW, could not see me firmly placed here in my grey marl track pants scoffing down a family sized bag of crisps and a large chocolate bar. Talk about lower the tone.

And upstairs, the magic just keeps on coming. Amazing wallpaper on both the walls (of course!!) and the ceiling!!

That use of bold wallpaper on walls and ceiling continues into the other bedrooms also. Just such an amazing effect. Not often seen in Australian interior design.

Not only has wallpaper been used to stunning effect, but so too have the tiles in the bathroom. I mean come on, enough already Mr Natale!!

And as if the interior wasn’t enough, just look at the pool house and pool.

Please!! you are killing us with your jaw-dropping style.


Ok enough with the gushing. Not sure if you can tell, but I am in love with this house.

Greg Natale, please be my friend.

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