Cocktail anyone????

Blog Post-3

It seems everyone is bonkers about bar carts at the moment.

Not sure how it started, maybe with the TV program Mad Men.
Picture Don Draper mixing a drink after a hard day advertising, see where I am coming from??

For me, I always think of coming home from a long day at work and mixing yourself a relaxing G & T or having guests over for a get together and mixing Martinis for everyone at your bar cart / cabinet.

Bar carts are great, in gold they can add a little bit of WOW!! to a space, they are small and compact so will fit into even the smallest of spaces and they are useful for keeping your drinking paraphernalia in order.

Once I got a dedicated bar space, I had never felt so grown up, LOL!!!

So I thought I would jump on the wagon,  I mean bar cart and share my favourites available around the stores now:

Terrace Bar Cart from West Elm

Sangino Bar Cart fro Eco Chic

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 3.54.15 pm
Mid Century Teak from Retropia

Ireland Bar Cart from Complete Pad

Rattan Hudson Bar Cart from Bowerhouse

Brooke Bar Cart from Pottery Barn

Vintage Bar Cart from Jayson Home

Zafina Bar Cart from Zizo

Well I think that covers it.

If you see any others let’s us know!!

Oh and if you need some ideas as to how to style your bar cart, then check out my pinterest board ‘Home Bars and Carts’ for some inspiration.

Happy carting!!!!


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