Bathrooms – it’s all black and white!!!

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Now I am not normally a huge fan of the whole black and white look that’s really popular at the moment. I just can’t help it, I am colour fan! ……fanatic!!

But that said, during one of my regular marathon pinterest sessions, I noticed that I was being drawn to monochromatic bathrooms and not minding one little bit!!!

It got me thinking that it was a good look for a bathroom, the neutral simple palette is soothing to the eye, perfect for relaxing especially in the tube.
Also as most bathroom fittings (baths and basins) are white, adding black to the mix can create a stunning contrast. As you will see from the images below, a pop of gold / brass adds warmth and a bit of sophistication.

Check out some of the bathrooms below for some inspiration:

Bohemian Retreat

This bathroom was designed by Kirsten Marie Interiors and is from Bohemian guesthouse she put together. A bright and simple design, the patterned tiled floor adds interest and the brass fittings add warmth. (I just love this one!!!)

Oakland Bathroom

Katie Martinez designer this Oakland bathroom. Again a patterned (different style) tiled floor adds interest, the gold fittings add real punch to the b/w palette. (This is my favourite).

Wallpaper Wonder

This bathroom by also uses pattern to add contrast but this time on the wall (how amazing is this wallpaper???) The black cabinetry looks great, I would have considered using gold door knobs to tie in with the other gold pieces. But that’s my only (small) change, still gorgeous. Not sure who the designer is to link!!!

Marvellous Makeover

This bathroom makeover by Consort Designs is just beautiful. The use of marble and gold with the black and white makes it feel so stylish. It looks so light and airy. This was a makeover and you can see more the the before and after shots on the designer’s website (click image)

Clontarf House

This gorgeous bathroom (ohhhh those mirrors sigh!!!) is by the talented Grag Natale. This one uses a little less black, it’s tiles on the wall not wallpaper, but wow it still packs a punch. Just so light and sophisticated. I can only dream!!!

Hope your feeling the inspiration people, black and white bathrooms are the way to go!!! If you still need convincing then check out more inmate on my pinterest bathroom board.


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