Reed Gift Fair – Sydney, Sept 2015

Reed Gift-2

Reed Gift Trade Fair hit Sydney again at the weekend, finishing up tomorrow.
This bi-annual trade fair is aimed mainly at retailers looking to source new products. It showcases a variety of products including clothes, bags, stationery, toys and, my main reason for going, homewares.

This was my first visit, so I was excited at the prospect of seeing some really amazing products, even on a soggy Sunday morning.

I do enjoy a trade fair, they are really useful for finding new products and being a small business, it means I can obtain some of the pieces wholesale.

Unfortunately, there were not that many homewares on offer, 😦

Never the less I still had a really good look around. Here are some of the picks I did sniff out (as you can see not all homewares):

Perfect Purchase

Perfect Purchase Nuture Beads

How cute and colourful are these necklaces???
Created by two busy mums, Kate and Bridget, can you believe the beads are made from silicone??? they look like candies.

The range of colours was fantastic, I would have been hard pressed to make a choice as to which one to buy. They would definitely add a pop of interest to any outfit. And at a cost of $29 I think they are a steal, if not for yourself then as a gift for someone else (me me me!!!)

Check out the girl’s website to see all their gorgeous products.

The Arty Hearts

The Arty Hearts Note Books

Now I have to admit to being partial to a cute bit of stationery, oh the thrill of a brand new unused note book, sigh!!.  Katrina Read from The Arty Hearts certainly has the goods.

These hand crafted note books, cards and gift wrapping come in a range of themes, like ‘Tropical’, ‘Beach” and ‘Flowers’, so you can coordinate pieces to suit your needs and even incorporate them into your business marketing.  The products are off the highest quality and not like anything else on the market.

The small greeting cards are perfect size to send a quick ‘thank you’ or ‘hello’ to someone special.
The website also has prints and canvases available too!

Pure Homewares

Bloomingdale Collection from Pure Homewares

Pure Homewares are part of the larger Swing Gift group who also stock Thomas Paul  and Row Allen.

The Pure Homewares collections include Bloomingdales, Coast, Graphique and Maison. These ranges cover a range of style options and colour-ways.

The ‘Bloomingdale’ range (which caught my eye) comprises of black and white, monochromatic which can easily be combined with the copper and gold pieces from the ‘Maison’ range.

If you are looking for a bit more colour then the ‘Graphique’ range is your best shot with pieces in Aqua, Pink, Light Green, Orange and Yellow.

Finally the range ‘Coast’ is, as you can guess (no prize given) inspired by the coast with the usual blue and aqua mixed with sun bleached timbers. A nice twist of coral is also in the colour-ways making the range just a little more interesting then other ‘Coast’ inspired collections.

Holy Tote

Holy Totes Colour Range

Ok so you have bought all these exciting new products, now you need something to carry it all home in, look no further people!!!

The folks at Holy Tote have a colourful selection of totes in three sizes, made in Vietnam from 70% recycled plastic. And if that wasn’t enough they are certified fair-trade to boot.

Once you are home, they also produce three sizes of storage baskets in great colours to help keep your abode tidy.

C.A.M (Creatively Active Minds)

C.A.M selection

Ok I am smitten. So much so that I visited this stand twice and had a really good sticky beak.

Creatively Active Minds (CAM) had a huge range of items on display. All the pieces were highly decorative, full of colour, style, individuality and just the right amount of quirkiness.

There were great brass pieces, I especially loved the crab trinket box and the dragonfly wall decoration (see above).

The colourful ceramic vases would add a touch of interest and the exotic to any book shelf (oh the shelfies we could make together!!!)

This stand was a real hi-light for me. Please check out their website so see their extensive range. They have an on-line shop but unfortunately it is for wholesale purchasing only. I have mailed them to see if they have a list of stockists so if you did see something you liked you might be able to get.

I will keep you posted!!!

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