Why Pinterest is a must when designing your home.

WHY PINTEREST IS A MUST WHEN DESIGNING YOUR HOMEWhen it come to social media, I have to admit I am always a little behind the eight ball.

I resisted Facebook for a long time. Friends bemoaning other friends for posting uninteresting daily updates, like what was for dinner and what time the children went to bed, didn’t exactly sell it to me.  In the end I gave in and signed up. Then like a lot of people, became obsessed with checking it, spending hours liking other people’s post and checking who was liking mine. In the end I just had to put a stop to it and I closed the account and haven’t looked back. 

Then recently a friend suggested I get onto Instagram, which I did. For the first few weeks I was on it, I felt I was getting a bit to obsessed with how many followers I had (Still only at 230 😦 ). Also I was feeling a lot of pressure to post a really beautifully styled, creative and witty picture each day, even more so after I started to follow other people in design. Social media can make you feel really inadequate!!Now I have learnt to relax with it all and just go with the flow as it were and not to worry about what other people thought of what I was posting.

There is however one social media tool that I do love, and that’s Pinterest. For me this is one of the most useful tools there is for sharing and finding ideas and inspiration.

How does it work?

Like Instagram, Pinterest is a picture orientated tool, in that it starts with an image rather than text. It works in three ways, firstly for bloggers and businesses it is way to promote your blogs or products and drive more traffic to your sites. When you find a person or company that you liked you can choose to follow them and then whatever they pin will then come up in your feed. Pinterest recently introduced sponsored adverts, which I have to say has been a bit a negative additional for me as most of the time the adverts are of no interest to me.

Secondly, it is a really useful tool if you are looking for ideas or inspiration on any number of things from interiors, travel destinations, fashion, hairstyles and so much more. Pinterest offers a list of subjects that you can choose to browse or alternatively there is a search function. You just type in what you are looking for and away you go.


Pinterest’s third function is as storage tool. For me this is why it is such a useful tool. Users can create ‘boards’ the cyber equivalent of a pin board or folder.  To this you can upload images from the web (using the installed Pinterest button on your browser) or even re-pin images that other people have uploaded. You can choose to make the boards private, for your eyes only or public for other people to see and re-pin from.

This is really great of you are working on a project such as a Living room renovation and you need to save your inspirational images and ideas.  You can just create a board called “Living Room” and as you see pictures of living rooms that appeal you can pin them to the board for later reference.

One of the really important things to remember about Pinterest is that it is also used by many professionals in the design industry. So they too are using it to promote their work, which means you can see how they create a space, what furniture, colours and materials they are putting together. They are also pining products and materials they like whether it be from known stores or by artisans you may not have come across before. This gives you access to the latest products, resources and ideas from professionals and all for free.

For me Pinterest is invaluable for finding inspiration, ideas and new resources, but also it is key to collecting and collating images which I store in a really organised way and which I can refer back to at any time.

So next time you are in the market for some inspiration, such as you need a hairstyle for short hair, or your drinks cart needs styling or maybe you have some chicken and you just don’t know what to make with it, get yourself some Pinterest and you too will find all is good in the world!

Thank you Pinterest 😉


P.S to see what has caught my attention, check my pins on Pinterest here.







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