Pinterest, I love you!!

When it come to social media, I am always a little behind the eight ball.

For instance, I resisted Facebook for a long time. Friends bemoaning other friends for posting uninteresting daily updates, like what was for dinner and what time the kids went to bed, was just a little off putting.  However Facebook can be a very useful tool for staying upto date with friends and family, especially if like me, you live a long way away from them.

Then recently a friend suggested I get onto Instagram, which I did. For the first few weeks I was on it, I felt I was getting a bit to obsessed with how many followers I had (Still only at 72 😦 ). Also I was feeling a lot of pressure to post a really beautifully styled, creative and witty picture each day, even more so after I started to follow other people in design. Social media can make you fell really inadequate!!

Now I have learnt to relax with it all and just go with the flow as it were and not to worry about what other people thought of what I was posting.

There is one social media tool that I do love, and that’s Pinterest. There is no pressure to be witty, insightful or fashionably styled.

How does it work?

Pinterest is like Instagram in that is a picture orientated tool, but is much more flexible in that you can use on any device including on a laptop.

It works in two ways, firstly it is a really useful tool if you are looking for ideas or inspiration and any number of things from interiors, travel destinations, fashion, hairstyles and so much more. You just type in what you are looking for and away you go.


Pinterest’s second function is as storage tool. For me this is why it is such a useful tool. Users can create ‘boards’ the cyber equivalent of a pin board or folder.  To this you can upload images from the web (using the installed Pinterest button on your browser) or even re-pin images that other people have uploaded. You can choose to make the boards private, for your eyes only or public for other people to see and re-pin from.

This is really great of you are working on a project such as a Living room renovation and you need to save your inspirational images and ideas. Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 3.42.01 pm

So next time you are in the market for some inspiration as you need need a hairstyle for short hair, or your drinks cart needs styling or you have some chicken and you just don’t know what to make with it, get yourself some Pinterest and you too will find all is good in the world!

Thank you Pinterest 😉

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