Etsy Picks

Etsy logo. Courtesy of Etsy.

I Love Love Love Etsy.

Not familiar with Etsy??? then you have been missing out.

Etsy is a shopping mecca for…. well just about everything from homewares, clothes, jewellery, fashion accessories and so much more.

Basically it’s a market on the web. It offers two types of product listings. Firstly  like eBay, it lets people list pre-loved items for other people to buy. It’s a great way to buy vintage and unique pieces.

Secondly it is a fantastic resource for creatives and artisans to sell their handmade products without the costs of web set up costs or shop front expenses.

For me, I love Etsy for the below:

Cushions – various sizes and designer upholstery fabrics available
Vintage Homewares – Ceramics, Glass, Ornaments – you need it, Etsy has it.
Art – Unique prints, watercolours and oils. Even printable downloads.

Lucky Etsy provide tools to help with your shopping experience, including wish lists, treasury lists and apps for iPad and smart phones.

So next time you are in the market for a unique or pre-loved piece either for your home, a loved one or even yourself make sure you check out Etsy. Oh and make sure you have a few hours spare when you do, as you will need them to browse all Etsy has to offer.

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