Workspace goodies, work stylish!!

As you may have read, we recently purchased a amazing vintage Ladderax shelving system for our home office / study (Check it out here).


Which got me looking a bits and bobs to add to my shelving to make it both functional and amazing. Now I have been devoting a huge (and I mean huge!!) amount of time to browsing the stores looking for just the right things, both new and vintage.

Check out my picks below……………………

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Study Organisation – The Before and After

Study Organisation - The Before and After

Just as one project draws to a close and so another one starts.

Our master bedroom makeover is nearly at an end and so my focus has now shifted to our study / guest room.

As mentioned in my previous post about sofa beds (click here to get up to speed) this space needs to be multi-functional, it needs to function as a study, a guest bedroom and a second sitting room.

Once thing it was lacking was storage space.

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Back in the Swing of Things

Hello remember me??? Ok so it has been a while, a long while, but hey I’m back. Focused and ready to go!!!

Where have I been you may well ask.

It’s been like this, there has been some:

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A bedroom chair bargain


So I know it’s been a while since my last update (click here to catch up), on my master bedroom revamp. Things moved along nicely and then we hit a wall (a freshly painted one LOL!!!!)
The main issue is the window dressings, but that’s a whole other episode. I’ll save that for later, I am not ready to talk about it yet.

On the positive side, we did snap up a bargain, albeit in the need of a little TLC, but what the heck!!!!

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Mid Century Trellis DIY – A Beautiful Mess

Seriously can those gals at A Beautiful Mess get any better. Their ideas are just amazing. I am a Mid- Century nut, so this is right up my street.

Just love it!!!


Source: Mid Century Trellis DIY – A Beautiful Mess

A Local Hero – Camperdown Commons

Camperdown Commons Market Farm

Now I know this is a ‘Interior Design’ blog, but I just couldn’t go passed sharing this local hero. Although not directly related to interiors, the inside of this place is gorgeous.

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Rubber Band Plant Pots – We Can Make Anything

Image source: We Can Make Anything

Love this great use of Rubber bands. Perfect way to recycle an old plant pot. The black and white works so well!!!

Instructions in the link below:

Source: We Can Make Anything: pot-painting with rubber bands